A Redragon holiday gifting guide

Reviewed and Written by Ruska (RushkaGG)

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy than with the perfect gifts for your gamer pals and loved ones? Since my partnership I have pretty much scraped every corner of Redragon items locally and I would like to share my gift ideas for this holiday season. These carefully selected items are sure to delight any gaming/tech enthusiast.

SCARAB Mechanical Key Caps

The option to mix and match between three color options (black, white, and pink) is a sure way to delight anyone interested in personalizing their mechanical keyboard. Personally, I have used the white and pink options to customize the KITAVA keyboard and gifted it to a fellow content creator.

Crystal Keycap

These transparent keycaps truly stand out with their unique and visually stunning design. Not only do they offer a visually pleasing aesthetic, but they also provide a superior typing experience. The set includes a generous 147 keys, ensuring that you have all the keys you need for a seamless and efficient typing experience. And here’s the best part – imagine my delight when I discovered that the set also includes 4 adorable kitty paw keys!

I’m currently using these on my ELF PRO keyboard to create a contrasting look.

Wireless Mice

Some people scoff at the idea of a wireless mouse. Did you know that the Aatrox and Enlightment models are both wireless but also offer a wired connection? The dual option alone is a selling point for me because I like having options. Additionally, both of these mice feature 5 onboard DPI levels, programmable buttons, and customizable color options/backlit modes.

Aatrox Wireless Mouse

I love the ergonomic design that the Aatrox offers, as well as its 15 programmable buttons that are perfect for MMO gamers.

Enlightment Wireless Mouse

The Enlightment Mouse is sleek and boasts a comfortable grip. I personally use it for both work and gaming after hours. It features a rapid-fire button with 2 side macro buttons for the FPS enthusiast.

The Dual USB 3 and Dual USB 5 Fan RGB Gaming Notebook Stands

Notebook stands are great options for those looking to safeguard their notebooks from the risks of overheating. These stands not only provide effective cooling solutions but also come with the added bonus of RGB lighting effects as well as the convenience of dual USB ports, enabling users to easily connect and charge their devices while enjoying a (hopefully) uninterrupted gaming experience.

Gift a loved one one of these gifts and you are sure to bring smiles and enhance gaming experiences. Happy holidays and happy gaming!