Redragon for Creators: All You Need to Know

Hey Content Creators! 

Are you ready to become part of the Redragon creator fam? Maybe there’s something you’ve had your eye on from that you’ve been dying to get. Well…we recently piloted the Redragon for Creators initiative alongside RushkaGG, and are excited to announce that we’re launching it for good, and this time it’s open to all of you! 

What it is 

Here’s the deal: we’re on the lookout for talented creators to join our community. As part of this initiative, we’re inviting you to apply to become one of our chosen creators of the month.  Big or small, it doesn’t matter. This opportunity is for everyone in the community.

So, what does it entail? Well, it’s simple yet exciting! Selected creators will receive one Redragon peripheral of their choice to the maximum value of R1,199 (from gaming mice to keyboards to headsets and more).  And in return for this exchange, we’re asking you to share your creativity and passion with us in the form of digital content. It can be an Instagram reel, TikTok video, YouTube short, or Twitter review. 

How does it work?  

Applying is easy! Complete the application form with all the nitty gritty details, and we’ll use a random selector to pick one creator each month (after we’ve vetted your account of course). 

We’ll then reach out to the chosen creator to iron out the finer details, get the gear delivered to you, and collaboratively share an announcement on our socials letting people know you are the chosen one. 

Once your content is ready, simply share it on your platforms, and tag us where you can to reshare the post. 

The FAQs and rules 

  • We will only feature one creator a month. 
  • The same creator cannot be featured more than once within 12 months. 
  • This is only open to South African residents. 
  • Only one Redragon product to the maximum value of R1,199 will be exchanged for content on at least one platform. 
  • Redragon monthly creators are not to be confused with a Redragon ambassador or sponsors.  
  • Redragon South Africa must be tagged where applicable (on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook). 
  • Any giveaways with the creator will be subject to Redragon. 
  • Redragon reserves the choice to publish the creator’s content on their own channels. Credits will be given to the creator. 
  • Creators will be able to keep their product should they adhere to the above. 
  • Creators cannot already be working with another PC gaming peripheral brand. 
  • There is no minimum following requirement to apply. You must, however, be active on your channel and post at least once a month. 
  • If the creator fails to meet their requirement, the stock will be collected from them, and they will forfeit from the Redragon for Creator initiative.  

Sign up here.