M916 PRO 1K Wireless Mouse: High Performance in 3 Stylish Colours

M916 PRO 1K Wireless Mouse: High Performance in 3 Stylish Colours

After much anticipation the M916 PRO 1K 3-Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse is now here in South Africa bringing high sensitivity, low weight and flexibility to your hands for much less. The mouse is available right now in not one, not two but three colours. You can pick up black, white or pink to suit your setup or colour sensibilities.

While we’re usually fans of an all-black / murdered out look for our peripherals, something about the design of this mouse really speaks to us in the white. Maybe the crisp, white surface helps to highlight the subtle edges and understated beauty of this design, but that’s just us.

M916 PRO 1K Wireless Mouse

Regardless of that colour, that beautiful chassis is packing a lot of tech while still firmly being a lightweight mouse at just 49 grams. To put that absolutely minute weight into perspective, think of that chips brand that most people like, even though the joke is that the packet is mostly air. Those chip bags are only 36 grams. That’s right: this mouse is only about 30 percent heavier than a product that is best known for being as light as air.

As Redragon’s lightest mouse yet this is an achievement, and even more so that it’s a solid chassis. Many mouse options out there have a drilled or otherwise perforated shell to save weight. Here you get all of the weight loss without losing any of the shell, which many say improves the feel of the mouse in your hand.

Despite the low weight you’re still getting a super high resolution 26 000 DPI sensor. You can switch between DPI levels on the fly starting with 100 DPI and then going all the way up to 26 000. With five programmable buttons you could set them up to switch between those DPI options on the fly, or to your familiar hotkeys and keybinds.

Finally let’s talk about why this mouse is called “3-Mode”. It’s because you can choose how to connect it to your gaming setup, either through the included USB-Type-C cable, the included receiver or through Bluetooth. No matter your setup, cable situation or if you’re gaming at home or on the go, these options allow you to play how you want. Even better is the ability to switch between them: we love playing wired when at home with our big desk, but once we’re out of the house the space you have to play is limited, which makes the wireless options more appealing.

With so many features, miniaturised tech to lower weight, multiple connection options and even three colour choices, the R849 price becomes even more impressive. It’s become the norm that you need to drop more than a grand – or several grand – on a quality peripheral these days, but Redragon has continually worked hard to bring you the best gaming tech at the best South African pricing.