The Best Gaming Mice for Action Genre Gamers

Imagine turning up at mid and you’re the only one with a knife, especially when someone pulls out a Negev in response … having the right tools for the right fight is essential, so picking the right mouse for your genre has a bigger effect than you think. Having the right sensors, correct button configurations, balanced weights, snug design, can really affect the outcome of your fights.

What features to look out for in a gaming mouse for action genre games

For those who enjoy Battle Royale, FPS, MOBA strategy and action game genres, upping your game is about increasing your efficiency. But what exactly do action genre gamers need from their mouse to do that? It comes down to sensors.

While you do have a choice between laser sensors and optical sensors, and an almost infinite variety of DPI (Dots Per Inch) settings available, the more important factor isn’t the DPI range but rather the type of sensor. In the last few years, gaming mice have been released with record-high DPI sensors to ensure optimum accuracy. With gaming mice now allowing you to switch between a DPI profiles, you’ll have the option to customise your DPI as you please, based on your in-game requirements on the fly.

Beyond sensor, there are a few other factors for action genre gamers to consider when choosing a gaming mouse. These include:

  • Durability

For avid gamers, your gaming keyboard and mouse will be the most abused items in your set-up, so the durability of your peripheral is something to prioritise when choosing new gear. When you’re ‘in-the-zone’ you’re going to want a gaming mouse that is robust and able to perform under pressure.

  • Shape and grip

You are going to want to consider the shape of the gaming mouse too. Depending on your gripping style, assess the shape of the mouse that you would find most comfortable and ergonomic. Since the grip is vital to keep your hand firmly on the trigger, you also want to make sure the design and the grip of the mouse are geared towards action genre gaming.

  • Size and weight

Depending on the size of your hands, you might want to consider the size of the mouse and its fit in your hand. You will also want to consider the weight of the mouse. Pro gamers generally recommend lighter mice as they are quicker to glide across a mouse pad and less likely to fatigue your wrist, but weighted mice can give you more control of the mouse. Here it comes down to personal preference.

  • Connectivity

The debate continues, but each has its pros and cons. Wired mice offer less interference and better response, but wireless will mean increased ability and reduced resistance, but much like size and weight, connectivity would be a personal preference.

With those factors in mind, there are still tons of options to choose from. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Redragon gaming mice geared towards action genre gaming to help you decide on the best gaming mouse for you.

The best mouse for fast action FPS games

For those who enjoy playing Overwatch, Valorant, Battlefield or similar titles, these gaming mice are bound to give you the edge you need to execute with precision.

The Redragon M988 Storm Elite Gaming Mouse (P3389)

Lightweight, High Sensor

The Redragon M801 Sniper Pro Gaming Mouse (P3335)

Optical Switches, Low Latency Wired/Wireless, High Precision Sensor

The Redragon M711-1 Cobra FPS Gaming Mouse (P3325)

P3360 Flowless sensor, Streamlined Design, Optical Switches

The best mouse for MOBA strategy & action games

League of Legends, World of Tanks, DOTA players and the like will appreciate these choices streamlined for quick reaction.

The Redragon M902-RGB Samsara 2 Gaming Mouse (P3327)

5 Middle-Mouse buttons, Larger Ergonomic Design, Turbo Fire Button

The Redragon M913 Impact Elite Gaming Mouse (P3335)

18 Buttons, Wired/Wireless, P3335 Optical Sensor

The Redragon M720 Vampire Gaming Mouse (P3325)

Highly Customisable, Palm-fit Design

The best mouse for MMO action games

These gaming mice are bound to enhance your game and are perfect for World of WarCraft, Final Fantasy XIV, The Elder Scrolls and other popular MMO gamers.

The Redragon M686 Vampire Elite Gaming Mouse (P3335)

Sleek Ergo Design, 3 Side buttons, Wired/Wireless

The Redragon M913 Impact Elite Gaming Mouse (P3335)

18 Buttons, Wired/Wireless, P3335 Optical Sensor, MMO Design

The Redragon M990 Legend Gaming Mouse (P3360)

High Quality Build Materials, MMO Design, High Quality P3360 Sensor

The best all-rounder mouse for action genres

For those who enjoy playing different types of action games and various game genres, these gaming mice offer all the good features, some extra bells & whistles for limitless gaming pleasure.

The Redragon M802 Titanoboa 2 Gaming Mouse (P3360)

High Quality Build Materials, Aggressive Ergo Design, High Quality P3360 Sensor`