The Perfect Keyboard for Every Genre of Gamer

When it comes to gaming, a keyboard is more than just simply a tool for typing. It’s part of the gear. It’s about features, functionality, and durability. The right keyboard is an essential part of every gamer’s rig.

While choosing a gaming keyboard, there are a few factors each gamer will consider: size, customizable keys, key rollover, and anti-ghosting.


There are three leading keyboard sizes known to every gamer – full-size, tenkeyless, and 60%. Competitive gamers will lean towards a 60% keyboard to secure extra desk space with the minimal keys needed, while casual and enthusiast gamers will have no problem with a tenkeyless keyboard.

Customizable keys

Some gaming keyboards have a column with a set of dedicated keys that can be programmed to execute in-game. These are great for MMO gamers allocating shortcuts and even more convenient when the reaction times are short.

Key rollover and anti-ghosting

Gaming keyboards are specifically designed and built to support simultaneous key presses (also known as key rollover) when you’re in-game. When pressing certain keys at the same time or even quickly after each other, a non-gaming keyboard sometimes does not register. This is known as ghosting. It may not be a major factor when typing an email but can be extremely detrimental when you’re mid-game.

Redragon makes a wide range of accessible and exceptional gaming keyboards suitable for every gamer’s budget, preference, and lifestyle. From casual gamers who need a great starting point to learn how to master the battlefield, to hardcore enthusiasts who need to level up on their performance and even the competitive gamers who rely on complete precision and skill to dominate and destroy in the game; Redragon has you covered.

Here are a few gaming keyboards that may interest you

The Redragon Ratri Silent Gaming Keyboard is perfect for casual gamers that love a stylish set-up. With its full qwerty 104-ket layout, you can strike your keys silently with less force. This mechanical keyboard also comes with both, a keycap puller, and a switch puller so you can modify it to your specifications and preferred appearance.

The Redragon Vishnu Keyboard with its media controls is great for the everyday gamer that enjoys streaming. And if playing in comfort is a priority, you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with a detachable magnetic wrist pad and offers the option to go from wired to wireless when you need to.

For the hardcore gaming enthusiasts that prefer FPS games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, the Redragon Brahma Pro Keyboard will not disappoint. It features a 125-key layout with quick response times of 0.2milliseconds and macro-keys to access your shortcuts easily, giving you the control you need at your fingertips.

And for those competitive players that require an ultra-minimalistic look with efficient performance, the Redragon Draconic Mechanical Keyboard will suit your needs perfectly. This 61-key portable keyboard frees up space at your gaming set-up meaning you’ll have more room to move your mouse. And when you need to, switch it from wired to wireless and connect your keyboard via Bluetooth.