A Wireless Set-up for Gaming

All PC gamers have discovered that cables can create a huge interference when you’re busy gaming. Gaming with wireless PC peripherals is more popular now, than ever before. Wireless gear delivers exceptional performance, giving wired alternatives a run for their money. What was once frowned upon, now makes up some of the best peripherals on the market– and here are a few that make up an entire wireless set-up:

Starting with the PELOPS gaming headset.

The PELOPS headset lets you immerse into the game without limitations. It offers surround sound, features an omnidirectional mic with its comfortable design, easily connects to your wireless devices and there’s no audio lag. It not only connects to your PC, but it’s also compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One and mobile devices. So, whether you’re gaming on a PC, console, or your smartphone, the PELOPS headset is ideal for all. And there’s no need to spend money on replacing the batteries each time, the PELOPS comes with built-in rechargeable batteries which makes it extra convenient.

The VISHNU gaming keyboard

Wireless gaming keyboards offer the same reliable high performance of wired gaming keyboards with virtually no lag. Gaming without cables is not just aesthetically pleasing but also frees up space for more mouse movements. The VISHNU is one of the best gaming keyboards available. It features a TKL layout, macro keys and dedicated media keys, a detachable wrist pad and dual connectivity so you can either plug and play or connect wirelessly.

The STORM ELITE gaming mouse

The STORM ELITE is an unrivalled blend of comfort and features that are hard to top. It frees up space and helps you focus on precision with its wireless and lightweight honeycomb design. And with its high-speed sensor, 7 programmable keys, 5 memory modes and maximum polling rate of 10000HZ, you’ll be prepared to conquer your opponent.


And when you’re playing more hands-on games, you can ditch your keyboard and mouse for the HARROW WIRELESS ANALOG CONTROLLER. You’ll be able to make more realistic collisions and gain ultimate control over pressure actuation and feedback. The HARROW offers true freedom of movement which allows you to completely plunge into the game.

Cutting the cord opens endless possibilities and plenty of benefits. Ditch the stigma around wireless peripherals and recreate your set-up (wherever you’d like) to give you the minimalist look, and more space to game.