An all-white Redragon set-up

PC gaming peripherals are available in more colour options than ever before, allowing gamers to customise their setup according to their unique preferences.

However, nothing quite evokes the clean aesthetic of white accessories, which have a premium appearance due to their bright tone and ability to stand out among traditionally subdued colour schemes.

While more accessories in this colour are becoming available, they’re usually accompanied by higher price tags among limited product categories and brands.

But Redragon is bringing this premium feel to affordable and accessible peripherals with its range of PC gaming accessories.

From RGB headsets to distinctly bright keyboards, Redragon proves just how dazzling white can be.

Redragon H350 Pandora 2 RGB Gaming Headset

White accessories don’t have to be understated or dull, as the Redragon H350 Pandora 2 USB+3.5mm Aux RGB Gaming Headset proves.

In fact, you can use the white palette as a way to accentuate the colours that RGB lighting provides.

Besides its striking appearance, the wired headset provides surround sound audio, a detachable microphone, and in-line controls for your audio.

For the lighting, you can choose between dynamic and static modes, giving the headset customizability and the ability to change depending on your whims.

Thanks to its USB and 3.5mm connector, you can use it on both your PC and consoles.

Redragon Lamia 2 RGB Gaming Headset with stand

If you want a clean, minimalistic aesthetic with RGB lighting as an accent, the Redragon H320 Lamia 2 balances its polished look with a ring of lighting on the ear cups.

The lightweight headset comes with an included stand, adding to the sleek appearance of the device.

But the headset isn’t all about its looks – it provides 7.1 Surround Sound and 3D Sound compatibility.

The memory foam earpads aim to give the wearer breathable comfort when gaming and listening to music.

Redragon Draconic Compact Wireless Keyboard

The Redragon K530 Draconic Compact RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard has a few distinguishing attributes. It’s the first 60% keyboard from Redragon. It features an ultra-minimalistic design and high-speed charging. And its combination of pristine white keys and RGB backlighting make it very easy on the eyes.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, it features seamless connectivity for multiple types of devices.

You can customise the RGB backlighting to your own preferences, with 13 dynamic preset modes. Reactive typing effects also add an extra bit of liveliness to the premium feel of the keyboard.

Whether you’re in an intense gaming session or typing up a storm, the Draconic keyboard will make sure to offer performance and style.

Kumara RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Don’t let the white sheen fool you – the K552 Kumara RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is refined and polished, but it’s also built to stand up to knocks, spills, and the button mashing of fierce gaming combat.

The keyboard is built with metal and ABS materials, as well as a spill-proof design. If you get a bit out of hand during your gaming sessions, you don’t have to worry about the Kumara keyboard’s durability.

Its hardy design still includes room for aesthetic considerations though, including its RGB full colour LED backlit keys.

Redragon Cobra Gaming Mouse

The Redragon M711 Cobra RGB gaming mouse gives you a great balance of brightness, design, and performance.

Its clean design with seven programmable buttons complement the RGB accents of the device.

Programmable software allows you to adjust the mouse’s DPI settings from 100 to 10 000 and set up combo keys easily, making it the perfect solution for serious gamers.

Redragon Storm Elite Gaming Mouse

This edition of Redragon’s M988 Storm Elite Gaming Mouse doesn’t only aim for light aesthetics, but it also aims to give gamers the edge with a lightweight design.

Its bright white body is accompanied by backlighting that can be changed between eight different modes.

In terms of its gaming performance, it features a high-speed optical sensor, seven programmable buttons, and five memory modes.

You can also switch between mouse sensitivity levels easily, with its onboard DPI levels allowing you to quickly swap to different modes between 1000 and 16 000 DPI.