Our top 5 picks for FPS games

In FPS games, timing, speed, and accuracy are everything. While your success is largely down to your skill level and reaction times, having the right hardware also makes a major difference.

You don’t want input lag from your mouse to reduce the accuracy of your shots in games like Call of Duty. And in other team-based shooters like Apex Legends, being able to ping your teammates quickly and easily matters.

While the optimal sensitivity will depend on your own preferences, many professional gamers in titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Valorant recommend a setting around 800DPI. For immersive environments like in Apex Legends, being able to turn around 180 or more degrees quickly and accurately helps you combat sneak attacks.

In terms of responsiveness, around 1ms (1000Hz) delivers a desirable response time that won’t cost you when it comes to millisecond-differences during an in-game shootout. In games like Call of Duty: Warzone’s battle royale mode, this input delay can be the difference between a win or loss.

So to make sure you can perform at your best, here are our five choices for the best FPS gaming mice from Redragon to choose from…

1. Storm Pro RGB Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Redragon M808 Storm Pro wireless is built for speed, from its 98g form factor to its no-drag weave cable when charging.

With adjustable DPI up to 16,000 DPI, you can enjoy fast positioning in games. Another benefit is its seven programmable buttons for the macros you need.

Whether you’re playing Rainbow Six: Siege or Valorant, you can switch between five modes on the device.

For those looking to balance performance and affordability, the Storm Pro makes for a great option.

2. Sniper Pro Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse

For gamers looking for an ergonomic design that makes a statement, the Redragon Sniper Pro gaming mouse offers a range of programmable buttons and a high-precision sensor.

Depending on whether you have the RGB on or off, you can get between 35 and 70 hours of charging – limiting the amount of time it has to spend attached to its cable.

It comes with nine programmable buttons and the ability to include five user profiles with recorded macros.

And with a 1000Hz polling rate, you can expect a great response time when combatting other players.

3. Cobra FPS RGB Gaming Mouse

The Redragon Cobra FPS wired gaming mouse is packed with features to help you get the accuracy and responsiveness you need in competitive FPS games.

Not only does the mouse include adjustable DPI up to 32000DPI, but it also comes with a Pixart 3360 optical sensor for heighted responsiveness.

With seven programmable buttons and eight in total, you won’t be short on the macros needed for your favourite games. Meanwhile, the compact form factor makes it comfortable enough to use even for extended gaming sessions.

And for an extra bit of style you can enjoy the mouse’s RGB backlighting.

4. Lonewolf Pro 32000DPI Mouse

This mouse is another premium option for enthusiasts who want high sensitivity, a range of RGB lighting effects, and high performance.

The Redragon Lonewolf Pro gaming mouse comes equipped with a Pixart 3330 optical gaming sensor for accurate motion and high responsiveness.

If you’re worried about being able to program enough macros, you’ll feel secure with the 10 programmable buttons included on the mouse.

Customizability is also one of the offerings of this FPS gaming mouse, thanks to its five-level polling rate, lighting effects, and weight (with the inclusion of a weight tuning set).

With 40G acceleration, you don’t have to worry about your quick movements disrupting your accuracy. Meanwhile, the Lonewolf Pro also reaches 32 000DPI, but allows you to adjust it to different levels according to your activities and in-game preferences.

5. Storm Elite Wired Mouse – Lightweight Design

Want the performance of a professional gaming mouse but with a lightweight design? The Redragon M988 Storm Elite provides a light form factor, along with impressive specs.

Adjustable DPI, with a max of 32,000 DPI, a high-speed optical sensor, and 50G acceleration work together to give you the accuracy and reactivity you need for competitive FPS games.

The mouse also balances programmable buttons with its minimalist design – providing seven programmable buttons in total.

And for some flair, you can accentuate off the mouse’s bright white colouring with eight different RGB backlighting modes.