What is a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

Mechanical gaming keyboards are growing in popularity due to the increase in the variety of options. These gaming keyboards are becoming more accessible, giving users the most options for customization. 

What makes a keyboard mechanical?

Mechanical gaming keyboards get their name from the fact that the keyboard uses mechanical switches. These switches are connected to individual keys. These keyboards are a popular choice among writers, programmers, and especially gamers. Most gamers prefer mechanical keyboards as they are faster, more durable and more tactile. These keyboards are typically louder to type on than regular keyboards based on the type of switch that they have.

What are mechanical switches?

The switches on mechanical keyboards affect how the keyboard feels while using it. There are various switches available to choose from, each has distinctive features and characteristics.

The different switches can be divided into two distinct categories:

  •  Linear / Silent
  • Tactile / Clicky

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What distinctive features do you get from mechanical gaming keyboards?

These keyboards come with distinctive features and designs that make the keyboards more comfortable, visually appealing and better for gaming.

Features of mechanical gaming keyboards:

  • They can be wired or wireless. Neither one is better than the other. It depends on the user’s preference. Wired keyboards give you the peace of mind that your keyboard won’t die midway through a gaming session. Wireless keyboards give you the ability to easily move it around as you need to.
  • Keyboards can have additional features such as a handrest, ‘M’ and ‘G’ keys, or volume/scroll wheels.
  • There are various layouts such as a tenkeyless layout.
  • There is an extensive range of switches to choose from.
  • They can have a super-slim or robust design.
  • Keyboards can have RGB, rainbow, or single-colour backlighting and no backlighting.

REDRAGON HORUS RGB 87 Key Super-Slim Aluminium Frame Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The HORUS Gaming Keyboard is a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard. This gaming keyboard is suitable for people who want a specialized gaming keyboard that has a slim-line design and low profile.

The HORUS features a 60% compact design, making the keyboard able to fit smaller setups. With RGB backlighting and the aluminium alloy housing design of the keyboard, you are ensured to get a stylish and sleek gaming keyboard. The keycaps and slim switches can easily be swapped out and customized to your personal preference.


The RATRI Gaming Keyboard is a qwerty 104-key gaming keyboard. This full-layout keyboard uses Redragon black silent switches and durable double-injection keycaps. These keycaps are used to ensure the longevity of the keyboard, over countless gaming sessions. The durable build of the keys ensures precision while gaming, along with ant-ghosting and conflict-free keystrokes.

This silent keyboard is perfect for casual gamers that want a stylish gaming set-up that is suitable for a variety of gaming genres. The keyboard’s surrounding bevel is illuminated with vibrant RGB lighting that is paired with key backlighting that has multiple modes and levels that you can customize.


The DARK AVENGER Gaming Keyboard is an 87-Key tenkeyless QWERTY layout, which means that the number pad has been removed from the keyboard. This is done to make the keyboard specialized to fit in the gaming setup. Some gamers prefer it as it gives them more room to move the mouse while gaming.

The keyboard features double-shot injection keycaps that are dustproof. This will help protect the keyboard from potential mechanical glitches. With full key conflict-free keystrokes, this keyboard will give you the ability to game without restrictions. The vibrant RGB backlighting of the keycaps allows you to express yourself.  

This mechanical gaming keyboard is suitable for all gaming, due to its specialized functionality in its smaller form.

REDRAGON KB MECH DITI ELITE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The wireless DITI ELITE Gaming Keyboard is perfect for those who need an added extension to their gaming keyboard. This 40% mini keyboard layout is easy to use when you are gaming with one hand. To make your gaming experience more comfortable the keyboard has an ergonomic design with a detachable wrist-rest section.

Customize this mini keyboard’s RGB backlighting with seven modes to choose from. With seven programmable macro keys, you can truly customize your gaming experience.

This gaming keyboard is suitable for most gaming genres; however, it is not recommended for simulation gaming.

Find your perfect mechanical gaming keyboard on the Redragon website and get ready to dominate the battlefield!