Review: ELF PRO Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The ELF PRO is a clear winner

Reviewed and written by Rushka (RushkaGG)

In the past, many of our tech and gadgets came in a transparent option, but this trend has recently made a comeback. Redragon is ahead of the curve with a lineup of transparent gaming keyboards, including the ELF Pro, which has just hit South African shores.

The ELF Pro keyboard boasts an 80s aesthetic and a design reminiscent of a muscle car (personally, I was immediately reminded of a Cyberpunk hacker in a 1979 Pontiac TransAM using it to “hack the mainframe”). This compact 65% keyboard is wired/wireless and perfect for the hacker on the move. In terms of looks, it’s a clear winner (see what I just did there?).

It has three connectivity options: 2.4 GHz Wireless, Bluetooth, and Wired, making it compatible with a range of devices, including PCs, consoles, and phones.

The keyboard features crystal clear switches that come pre-lubed, with 42g of actuation force and a 1.5 mm travel distance. Despite being a mechanical keyboard, these switches are remarkably quiet.

The keyboard is also equipped with two 3.5mm sound-absorbing foams placed between the PCB and a silicone gasket, which significantly reduces sound resonance and cavity noise. This makes it perfect for use in an office setting without worrying about disturbing your co-workers.

The ELF Pro keyboard features full RGB support with multiple lighting modes. The keys are hot- swappable, allowing you to mix and match to fully customize your keyboard to suit your individual style. Will you be jumping on the transparent trend?