Everything you need for a streamer’s setup

Streaming has really blown up over the past years. So much so, that you’re even able to make a living off it (if you’re well-known and liked that is). Live video game streams attract hundreds of thousands of viewers, drawn in by the skill and personality of the host, and the quality of the games played. Anyone can dive in and start hosting their own stream, but if you want to draw a dedicated audience, you’ll have to stand out from the competition. For that, you’ll want to choose your streaming setup carefully.

In addition to your dedicated game station and PC setup, you’ll need equipment that can broadcast your face and capture your commentary, clearly. Your PC or laptop might have its own microphone and camera, but let’s be honest – it’s not the best when it comes to quality.

And you could very well use your headphone’s mic, but it certainly won’t deliver audio as clear as a standalone microphone. Remember, you want to give your viewers the full experience. Redragon has an entire selection of microphones and web cameras to choose from to get your setup ready for streaming significant content.

Starting out, the Redragon Seyfert Omnidirectional microphone is worth looking at. It’s perfect for entry-level recording and broadcasting. This microphone picks up sounds from all directions and ensures a clear recording for your listeners. It comes with a rotatable folding tripod stand for enhanced stability and a metal gooseneck pop-filter to block out any loud pops in your voice.

The Redragon Quasar Omnidirectional USB Condenser microphone is a popular favourite for the gamers who want their voices to be heard loud and clear. Since it’s a condenser microphone, it picks up sounds from all directions. And even with its great quality, it won’t break the bank.

There’s a lot to love about the premium Redragon Blazar Cardioid USB gaming microphone. Cardioid is important for streaming. With professional studio quality sound, it only picks up sounds directly in front of the mic and minimizes ambient background noise. This is the perfect microphone for the streamers that want to go pro.

Viewers don’t just expect clear, crisp quality audio. They want clear, crisp quality visuals too. No body enjoys a choppy and grainy stream, so as important as a reliable internet connection is, so is a good quality webcam. Your viewers aren’t only interested in the games you’re playing; they want to see you too.

Your facial expressions and gestures naturally bring out your personality – and that’s what really captures your viewers’ attention.

If you’re super tight on budget but really want to start your streaming career, then the Redragon FOBOS GW600 720P webcam is worth looking at. It features a 720p HD camera (which we’ll have you know is a clearer image than standard definition webcams). It records videos at 30 FPS and comes with a fixed focus lens. And for convenience, it has a clip-on stand that can be adjusted to suit your needs, whether it is standing on a desk or clipping onto a monitor.

The Redragon HITMAN GW800 1080P webcam is a great all-round webcam. It’s cost-effective, reliable and offers great image quality all within its price range. It features a FHD 1080p camera with a clip-on stand, a fixed focus lens with auto control, and records at 30FPS. The HITMAN excels at all the basic requirements with impressive video quality.

There’s a reason why the Redragon APEX GW900 1080P webcam is one of the best choices you’ll make it when it comes to picking out your streaming gear. Thanks to its sharp video quality and ability to record in FHD at 30FPS with a fixed focus lens, there’s no doubt the APEX webcam will get you noticed by viewers.

Don’t underestimate the importance of quality equipment when it comes to streaming. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference and individual choices, but think of it like this – would you really spend all your time playing a game that was unclear and lagged? And do you really think those super famous streamers would as big as they are, had they used poor quality equipment?

If you’re only just starting out or looking to upgrade your streaming setup, we hope this read was useful.